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Project Description
This Workflow Type Browser displays type information for all arguments and variables in a WF4 workflow. It is designed for use in a rehosted designer where Intellisense is no longer available.

There has been much surprise and disappointment expressed by the WF4 developer community since Microsoft made it clear that Intellisense would not be available when rehosting the workflow designer. In an attempt to mitigate this lack of critical functionality, I put together this simple Workflow Type Browser. It creates a tree view of all arguments and variables defined in the workflow, and supports copy/paste from a selected element into the workflow expression editor.

The control deploys with two lines of code, as show here.

<Border Grid.Row="1" BorderThickness="2" BorderBrush="BlanchedAlmond" Name="TypeBrowserBorder"/>

TypeBrowserBorder.Child = new TypeBrowserControl(wd); // wd is a reference to my new WorkflowDesigner()

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